How to Play Paintball- All You Need to Know About Your Favourite Game

How to Play Paintball

Although paintballs are sphered-shaped small balls made up of gelatin and materials found in food items, it is not something to eat but a competitive game played with teams and opponents. It is an interesting sport that is played with equipment like a compressed air paintball gun. 

Different people play against each other in the form of teams or without teams. The motive is to eliminate your opponent before he or them eliminates you. It is a fun game once you find competitive players to play this game with.

The best way to learn this game is on the field. You can find a load of videos and articles on the internet trying to teach you this game, but the battlefield is your best teacher. So, go out and have fun while learning to be better and better every time.

All in all, let us have a look at how to play paintball properly. 

Equipment of Paintball:

You need to be completely equipped to win and play a paintball game properly. If it your first time playing the paintball game, my suggestion would be to rent out the gear and equipment. It is because you might change your mind after playing for the first time, and all that equipment you have purchased would be a waste of money.

So go out, rent the gear, play the game, and then decide if you want to continue further or not.

Paintball Game Equipment

Therefore, the following are the things that you can equip yourself with before starting playing the game.

  • Drop forward
  • Remote line
  • Pod
  • Harness
  • Squeegee
  • Barrel blocks
  • Paint grenades
  • Grenade launcher
  • Paint mines
  • Smoke grenades
  • Thunderflashes
  • Slingshots
  • Airol gun
  • Paintball bazooka
  • Paintball artillery

You can choose to drop some things from the list mentioned above. However, the following are the equipment you must have by your side while playing this game. 

  • Paintball marker or Paintball Gun
  • Facemask
  • Safety helmet
  • Hopper 
  • CO2 or compressed-air tank to power the marker

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Rules of Paintball:

Rules are the things that separate us from animals. Hence, this game, too, has rules that need to be followed under all circumstances. So, let us have a look at them.

paintball game rules

  • You must wear safety glasses all the time. The glasses which ASTM approves are recommended only. If there is a crack in the glasses, then you must report to the referee swiftly. Under no circumstance should you put off your safety glasses while playing the game.
  • The same thing goes for your face mask. They must also not be removed while playing paintball.
  • Find an appropriate place to play the game of paintball. You can choose to play this game in an open field or indoors.
  • It would be best if you shot your target or opponent from a certain distance. Also, refrain from attacking those players who have already been hit or marked. Try not to shoot the neck or head of your opponent because that may cause harm to the other person.
  • You are not allowed to shoot anything other than your target. Refrain from shooting any wildlife because that might cause you an elimination.
  • Try following the rules like no verbal abuse, no alcohol or illegal drugs, no physical contact, and no blind shooting on the field. Violating any of these rules might result in your elimination.
  • The decision given by the referee is the final verdict. Do not try to cause any problems by overruling the referee’s decision.
  • You are eliminated if a paintball hits you from your opponent. Raise your hands in the air once you are shot, and the referee will help you leave the field. Do not try to remove the mark by rubbing it because you might face a severe penalty while doing this. Be fair! This is a gentlemen’s game. Try to be one!

Things to Keep in Mind While Playing Paintball:

Apart from the rules of paintball, there are some things that you need to bear in mind while playing the game of paintball.

  • The paintball marker or gun is a heavy object. So, it would be best if you aimed properly while shooting your opponent. Do not waste your paintballs by overshooting. Be smart! Shoot wisely.
  • Play smartly and try to move often and quickly. Do not just rain aimlessly and try to take cover time after time.
  • You will play better once your communication with your teammates is better. Make plans and traps with them and implement them according to the team plan. Try to follow the orders of your leader.
  • The best way to last long is to conserve your ammo. Try shooting only when you have aimed properly for your target. 

Different Kind of Paintball Games:

  • Capture the Flag:

capture the flag paintball game

CTF or Capture the Flag is a game of paintball in which two teams compete to cross in their opponent’s territory to seize the flag and return the banner to your base. You will be eliminated once the opponent shoots you. This game is played with a limited time decided by both the teams.

  • Speedball:

Paintball Game speedball

The field of this game is shorter, narrower, and composed of barriers placed throughout the area. It is a competitive game which is a modified form of paintball in which you are rewarded for your stealth and patience.

  • Deathmatch:

paintball deathmatch game

This is the most competitive kind of paintball. In this game, you need to eliminate all the members of the other teams. The match reaches an end once the team has all of its members eliminated or the time decided by both teams ends.

  • Scenario Game:

paintball scenario game

This is a game of paintball that is not specified. It involves setting up a particular situation by assigning specific goals and tasks to the teams. You can choose the scenario by being inspired by real-life military scenarios. For example, one of the scenario games is that you must escort a player from your team to a certain point while the other team will try to eliminate that player.


As a paintball player, I have shared the points from my experience with you in this article. After reading this article, you will be well informed about what you need and how to play paintball. 

Make sure to play this game with a team that you can communicate better with because this will greatly impact whatever the result of the game is.

Try to be a gentleman and play fairly. You will earn the respect of your opponents and certain rewards if you are fair. Otherwise, there is a heavy penalty that you might face.

All in all, keep the things mentioned above in mind to play the game of paintball properly. Thank you for letting me help you on your paintball journey.

Thank you!

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Jonathan is a retired FBI analyst. I now own a ranch and hunt regularly. I also like to write about my experiences occasionally. In scenario training, paintball is one of those things. You may find some interesting information about it!