Best Places To Play Paintball In Houston in 2023

Best Places To Play Paintball In Houston

Paintball Places in Houston:

Houston offers a wide range of attractions and entertainment. Everyone can find something they like about it. If you enjoy shopping, you will find a lot here to purchase. You can enjoy the best paintball game if you are a game lover. Therefore, if you visit Houston for the first time, you should explore the paintball field and enjoy the game. In this article, we discussed the best Paintball fields in Houston.

Hence, according to your preferences, choose the one you like and arrive at this location. With this description of these places, I hope that you will select the most appropriate paintball field. 

Urban War Zone Paintball:

Urban war zone paintball

Urban war zone paintball is one of the paintballs that offers a unique, fun-filled atmosphere where the person can enjoy their family and friends. The only paintball field in the 610 loops and in the heart of downtown near UH campus where you have incredible advantages over another paintball field. It is also different from other paintball fields by offering night play. One fantastic feature is that it also caters to unlimited private space, birthday parties with inclusive packages.

Urban war zone paintball is the only paintball that gives unlimited ammo refills due to their sniper package. Urban war zone paintball is the paintball that offers you more time to play and less waiting. It offers the most games per hour over all the paintball fields in Houston.

Urban war zone paintball hires and trains the crew, who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the customers enjoy the fantastic time with their loved ones. It also offers thermal masks on humid days for its players, so you can have the best paintball experience possible.

Texas Rangers Paintball:

Texas Rangers Paintball

TXR paintball Texas Rangers Paintball has been rated as one of the best paintball fields in the country. Paintball USA’s senior staff owns and operates the TXR paintball field, which has accumulated 65 years of experience. It is the role of refs to enforce the safety regulations strictly.

TXR offers scenario games, private birthday party events, bachelors, church groups, tournament-style games, and cooperative team-building events. TXR paintball offers a variety of game modes where you experience great play. Woods, speedballs, a mixture of both, capture the flag, protection are some of the formats that TXR is offering.

TXR paintball caters to players of every level. If you never played before, rental equipment gives you all safety, and the experienced staff will brief you about paintball playing. Low impact paintball games are perfect for kids and first-timers, and there you can enjoy and experience the best paintball game.

Experienced paintball players also enjoy the game because it offers a regulation NXL airball field to play tournaments.

Survival Game of Texas:

Survival Game of Texas

Survival Game of Texas is one of the oldest paintball fields in Houston, founded in 1984. In Houston, Texas, it is close to Aldine, Kenwood, Houston heights, and spring. Survival Game of Texas is a “Field paint-only” paintball field that means the paintball purchased from the area on the day of play can be used at the survival game of Texas.

Whether you want to play the game indoor or outdoor, it is the place where you want to be. It offers tons of courses, including the Normandy course, castle course, and woodsball course, where you can play a great game. If you are a pro or beginner, you can enjoy yourself with your family, friends, and colleagues.

It also caters to private meetings, birthday parties, and tournament games for seasonal players. It is vast enough used by many people at the same time and features structures that can be used as hiding places where you can play with your closed ones.

The survival game of Texas is modern as well as traditional paintball fields where you can experience the best game. 

Houston Indoor Paintball:

Houston indoor paintball

Houston indoor paintball is undoubtedly the largest indoor paintball field. With this paintball field, you’ll be able to play paintball on top-notch turf that will increase your enjoyment. In a hot climate where you can not play outside, you can come here and play paintball.

When you become tired by looking for your children to play outside, you can experience Houston indoor paintball. They also cater to private parties, birthday parties, corporate team building, bachelor, and much more. You choose to play different modes of the game, such as capture the flag, soccer paintball, free for all, and many more.

It adjusts the right temperature to enjoy the game. So, do not pay attention to other things; focus on the game and its tactics. Houston indoor paintball has a bright battlefield, so you get the best paintball experience here. Staff regularly clean the area to prevent any injury or obstacles. 

Paintball Bonanza:


Paintball bonanza is the outdoor paintball field that is situated in Houston, near Jersey village. It expands on a large area to make sure that you and your loved ones enjoy the game. The large area helps to play multiple groups simultaneously and does not feel crowded or suffocated.

Paintball bonanza is the closest paintball field to the medical center. Paintball bonanza also has painting design in their area that gives them an extra edge and flavor other fields in Houston. It offers new courses such as kill house course; bunkers and you will also find a great shooting range.

New courses help enjoy the field and game because the same field loses its charm. Hanging targets and a faux village are the features that paintball bonanza has. Paintball bonanza also ensures the safety of the visitors, players, and staff.

Tanks Paintball Parks:

Tanks paintball parks


Tanks paintball park is a paintball area that is situated on a large landscape. You can enjoy yourself with your family, friends, and children. It also caters to private events, birthday parties. Mostly the paintball field is offering a private event where you can spend quality time with your relatives, family, and friends without risking privacy.

Tanks paintball parks give you everything at a reasonable price. Therefore, whenever you get a chance to visit Houston, come to this place for enjoyment. They also started low-impact paintball for their younger guests, and it spreads to all ages quickly. Low impact paintball is made for children with maximum protection.

The field is incredibly organized so that your little ones also come and enjoy the paintball. The service team is also helpful and takes care of the players. They ensure the safety of the people by enforcing the rules.

Final Thought:

So, I have described the best places for paintball in Houston, so if you are a paintball lover, choose the one. It has all the basic facilities that you need for your game. This paintball field ensures the safety of the visitors, players, and staff.

They also offer private events, birthday parties, church groups, and team building to their customers. The benefit is that you can enjoy yourself with your family, friends without sharing the field with anyone else. 

Jonathan is a retired FBI analyst. I now own a ranch and hunt regularly. I also like to write about my experiences occasionally. In scenario training, paintball is one of those things. You may find some interesting information about it!