Best Paintballs for 2023-Top Picks & Buying Guide

Best Paintballs for 2021-Top Picks

A rough and rigid game is all one needs to vent out the frustration of all day or anything else. Staying put might make you dull and lazy, which is the last thing you would want in this world. For that, a game like Paintball is a complete package. 

Alongside providing you with fun and thrill, this game plays a significant role in burning your calories. If you are a regular Paintball player, like me, you are less likely to fall prey to heart diseases, blood pressure, and even depression.

The minor sting of being hit by a paintball is worth the risk against all of the diseases mentioned above. The endorphins released after playing an intense and rough Paintball game can help you relieve the stress and have a new day ahead.

Learning teamwork, releasing stress, protecting yourself from harmful diseases, and increasing interpersonal skills are the by-products of playing Paintball. When it comes to playing Paintball, the most important thing is the paintballs themselves.

Paintballs often called paint, are the small spherical balls of gelatin capsules containing glycol, water-soluble substances, dye, and other non-toxic substances. They are designed to break instantly on the first impact leaving a colorful liquid on the victim of the shot.

They are also filled with materials that are found in food items. That certainly doesn’t mean that you are allowed to eat them. Although they are edible, once I tried eating one, and that was the worst thing I had ever tasted in my life.

You cannot just win by strategy alone; you also have to have the best equipment to come out on top. So, we have shortlisted the seven best paintballs for you to enjoy the game of Paintball by having the best accessories by your side. 

Let’s have a look at the list!!

List of 7 Best Paintballs – For Rush Buyers:

If you are here to look for the names, we have placed our contenders below to make it easy

for you. A list of the best paintballs in any price range and specifications is included here.

  • Valken Graffiti Paintballs – These 68cal and 2000ct paintballs are the epitome of durability and are among the most accurate paintballs in the market.
  • Valken Infinity Paintballs Orange Fill – These 68cal paintballs are the best if you want to shoot straight. They break right on the impact. 
  • Valken Tango Paintballs – These paintballs come with a 5000 count and offer top performance and reliability.
  • Valken Fate Paintballs – These 50cal paintballs come with a 2000 count and are the best option for you if you are looking for small-sized paintballs.
  • GI Sportz XBALL Certified Midnight Paintballs – These 68cal paintballs are among the finest in the market for tournament practice, scenario games, or general play.
  • Loader Paintball 500 Rounds Basic Training Paintballs – The 68cal paintball pack comes in orange or yellow color and is the best practice if you do not want to spend money on premium paintballs.
  • AOOHYEO Reusable 0.68 Caliber Riot Paintballs – These paintballs are to be opted for when you are looking to save your money because these elastic paintballs are reusable. 

If you are direly interested in the specifications of these fish finders, then keep reading the article.

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Our Top Picks For You

Valken Graffiti
Weather resistant Shell
Valken Infinity
Shoots straight
Valken Tango
Environmentally friendly
Valken Fate
Peg filled

Review of Best 7 Paintballs:

Valken Graffiti Paintballs:

Valken Graffiti Paintballs

Marking its flag on the top of the list is Valken Graffiti Paintball. It consists of a versatile and durable shell that does not break inside the barrel of your paintball marker, thus keeping it safe from any inside damage or compromise the result of your game. 

With these paintballs along your side, you do not need to worry about any weather. It is because they are weather resistant. They are not prone to getting saggy or gummy from the outside and allow you to enter the battlefield without having any reservation in your mind about the longevity of your Paintball in unfavorable weather.

These Valken Graffiti Paintballs are a little bit more expensive than the other paintballs mentioned in this article. It is because they are premium paintballs and are of very high quality. They are manufactured to play in both recreational or tournament paintball games. 

The qualities found in the best paintballs of the world are that they fly straight, break on target, are compatible with both mag-fed and hopper paintball guns, and mark brightly while also keeping the environment safe. Valken Graffiti Paintball has all these qualities. By spending a little bit higher than usual, you will be getting your hands on the best paintballs available in the market.

They are highly accurate, do not deviate from the path they are fired at, and use radiant color shade to provide top-notch visibility. It would be best if you kept in mind that you must check the expiry date of the paintballs before buying them. I once bought an expired pack of paintballs, and they didn’t break on impact. So, make sure you do not make the same mistake.


  • They have superior accuracy
  • They are weather resistant.
  • They are of premium quality.

  • They are expensive as compared to the other paintballs.

Valken Infinity Paintballs Orange Fill:

Valken Infinity Paintballs Orange Fill

These 68 caliber paintballs find themselves in second place on this list of best paintballs. The best thing about these paintballs is that they are compatible with almost any paintball marker or gun available in the market. Talk about “Dying” right!!

These are manufactured with very high quality. One of the advantages of using Valken Infinity Paintballs is that they do not damage the inside of your barrel by breaking or leaking. Thus, you can enjoy the game on the field to its fullest without bearing the fear of any malfunction caused by these paintballs.

As I discussed in the limited description above, these paintballs are very accurate and strictly follow the trajectory they are fired without deviating from their path. When they are fired, they go as straight as an arrow and break right on the impact. I have noticed that there are almost no paintballs in the market that shoot as straightforward as these paintballs.

When I talk about breaking right on impact, it does not mean that they break on the effect. They are filled with visible orange-colored fillings that ensure the elimination of the person hit with this Paintball, leaving them no chance to make a foul play. They are also available in white, yellow, and pink colors.

They can be used for both the recreational game of Paintball and woodsball, depending upon your choice. If you order them online, they are delivered to you in a square box with cardboard dividers to assure the quality and safety of the paintballs.


  • They are compatible with almost any gun.
  • They shoot entirely straight.
  • They are not prone to breaking inside the barrel.
  • They are delivered in a safe box to assure quality.

  • They are brittle and can break if not dealt with safely and adequately.

Valken Tango Paintballs:

Valken Tango Paintballs

Third on the list of best paintballs are Valken Tango Paintballs. Yes, you read that right! There is another Valken on the list. It is just because they are the experts in making the best paintballs available in the market. They have a lot of variety in paintballs. They can have you confused with all their options.

Talking about variety, these paintballs have more or less all the qualities that a top Paintball must have, but the twist is that these paintballs are more affordable than any other Valken. It is specifically manufactured for those who want to feel the joy of playing paintball games with top-quality paintballs but do not have enough to spend on a high-quality paintball.

These .68 caliber paintballs are accurate too. They hit right where you have aimed them to be. Their trajectory is not better than Valken Infinity Paintballs but is efficient than many of the other paintballs

They are complicated from the outside, making them durable. Therefore, they are not prone to breaking inside the barrel of your paintball gun. Although, try shooting two to three times before starting the game of Paintball with your teammates. 

They are environmentally friendly. Their shell and fill will both break down if they are left in the open or in nature. They will melt into the water, thus becoming part of the environment once again without causing any harmful effect. They are designed to be biodegradable, non-toxic, and water-soluble to have no adverse impact on the environment.


  • They are incredibly inexpensive.
  • They are environmentally friendly.
  • They do not break inside the barrel.

  • They can hit hard sometimes because of their hard exterior.
  • Considering the price, they are not very aesthetic.

Valken Fate Paintballs:

Valken Fate Paintballs

A little down the list, on the fourth spot are Valken Fate Paintballs. This is the last Valken on the list. So, if you are trying to find a paintball of a smaller size, then Valken Fate Paintballs are the one for you. They are 0.50 caliber in size and are ideal for a paintball marker or a gun with a narrow barrel.

These paintballs are the best option for you if you are looking for affordable and reliable things. They do not feel hard like other paintballs due to their small size but do not think even for a minute that they have any less quality than the additional paintballs.

When they hit their target, the mark is bright and visible. They are durable, too, thus leaving no chance of breaking inside the barrel of your gun. Let us suppose that they have broken inside the barrel of your paintball marker, and you would need to clean that for sure. They are straightforward to clean as compared to the other paintballs. 

They are manufactured with very high-quality standards so you can have a great time on the battlefield. They are primarily used for recreational games and are the best option for that. Suppose that your opponent is using Valken Fate Paintballs. You will have an advantage because the vibrant yellow color makes them visible from a distance giving you time to duck or save yourself from the impact.

They are affordable and come with a count of 2000 paintballs in the pack. I usually prefer these paintballs for training purposes or if my paintball marker has a narrower barrel. So, feel free to use it according to your choice of game or play. 


  • They are affordable.
  • They are best for the paintball markers with the narrower barrel.
  • They are highly visible.

  • They are not compatible with various paintball markers.
  • Sometimes it bounces off the target instead of breaking.

GI Sportz XBALL Certified Midnight Paintballs: 

GI Sportz XBALL Certified Midnight Paintballs

Now come to the GI Sportz XBALL Certified Midnight Paintballs, which are placed fifth on the list. They are considered the most versatile paintballs available in the market because you can use them for recreational purposes, training, daily routine games, and different scenario games. If you are reluctant to spend too much on first-class ammo while playing in a tournament, then fear not, because you can use these paintballs for that purpose, too, as they are highly inexpensive.

These paintballs are perfect for looking for durability, visibility, and affordability all in one. These paintballs are not very compatible with different paintball markers and are specifically designed for the features with 0.68 caliber barrels. 

The shells of these paintballs are manufactured with high quality and do not break inside the barrel of your paintball marker. So, do not worry much about cleaning and the clogging of the barrel

The shade of these paintballs is the bright aqua color noticeable when it strikes the target. The shade is designed so that it is straightforward to clean and wipe off your paintball gun after finishing the game. You can wipe it off with just a piece of cloth—no need to put in any extra effort. 

All in all, they are an excellent option for a player who is a newbie and is in the process of learning and adapting to the game of Paintball.


  • These paintballs are highly affordable
  • These paintballs can be used for multiple scenarios and the game plays.
  • They are highly visible.

  • They are not very compatible.

Loader Paintball 500 Rounds Basic Training Paintballs:

Loader Paintball 500 Rounds Basic Training Paintballs

So, the second last on the list of best paintballs are Loader Paintball Training Paintballs. They are specifically used for training purposes, as the name suggests. If you want to better your aim and game, these paintballs are the perfect option for you to spend your money.

They are not designed to be shot in a tournament. It is not very smart to spend your money on premium quality paintballs for training purposes when you can buy a pack of paintballs that come specifically for training purposes. They are inexpensive for that exact reason too. 

They are not of that much high-quality as all the other paintballs on this list are, but they are not prone to breaking inside the barrel anyway. If, in any case, they break inside the barrel, then fear not because the paint of these spherical balls is straightforward to clean. 

You can order the paintballs with yellow or orange paint inside them. They are highly visible, which makes them efficient for training purposes. One pack of these Paintballs consists of 500 counts of paintballs and are designed to fit inside the barrel of 0.68 calibers.

So, if you are looking to sharpen your game by training more and more, then I would suggest you spend your hard-earned money on these paintballs instead of the premium ones used for tournaments.


  • They are inexpensive.
  • They are the best paintballs for training purposes.
  • They are highly visible.

  • They are only specifically designed for training,
  • They are not of very high- quality.
  • They are not compatible with a lot of paintball markers.

AOOHYEO Reusable 0.68 Caliber Riot Paintballs:

AOOHYEO Reusable 0.68 Caliber Riot Paintballs

Last on the list of best paintballs are AOOHYEO Reusable 0.68 Caliber Riot Paintballs. They are not very high-quality like the Valken paintballs, but one thing that distinguishes these paintballs from the Valken paintballs is that they are reusable.

If you are looking to save your money by not spending it on premium paintballs, these paintballs are an excellent option. You can reuse them, and they are very inexpensive. Due to their reusability, they are a good option for target practicing or training. 

They are not to be used in a tournament or a Paintball scenario game with your teammates. These are elastic paintballs made of soft rubber that can be used indoors, outdoors, and to drive animals away from your home for protection services.

These paintballs are environmentally friendly as they are non-lethal and can be reused by simply washing and drying them after training. The paintball’s PVC material and anti-riot rubber make them safe for guns, barrels, and hoppers. 


  • They are inexpensive.
  • They are suitable for training purposes.
  • They are reusable.

  • They are not high-quality paintballs.
  • They cannot be used for scenario games or tournaments.

Features to Consider While Buying Paintballs- A Buying Guide:

Don’t  you know what type of paintballs to choose when going paintballing? You’ve arrived at the right place because paintballs directly influence your shooting technique and the speed and velocity with which your paintball gun fires.

  • High Quality:

Quality is the first and foremost important thing you need to keep in mind while buying a paintball from the market. A low-quality paintball can ruin the game for you by bringing out unfavorable results, no matter how good your strategy was. 

  • Compatible:

One of the most important things to consider while buying the paintballs are that they must be compatible with your paintball gun or marker. These paintball’s Ammos vary greatly in caliber, counts, and sizes, so they must be compatible with your marker.

You can identify these specifications and the compatibility between your marker and paintballs by reading the user manual.

  • Durability:

The paintballs must be durable because the cheap paintballs are not very durable and prone to breaking easily inside your paintball marker or gun, which can cause serious damage to your marker and compromise your position in a tournament.

So, make sure that you buy durable paintballs.

  • Paint Quality:

The paint inside your paintballs also determines its quality. So, make sure that paint is of good quality. My advice to you would be to use fresh ammo every time you play a game of Paintball.

And don’t forget to fire some shots before starting the game so you can make sure all is well.

  • Color of Paint:

Most people tend to ignore this factor, but you must keep it because it is also an essential factor. It would help if you bought the paintballs that are visible enough in dark and harsh conditions.

  • Type of Game:

You must select the paintballs according to the type of game you and your team will play. For instance, the paintballs used in tournaments are generally made up of higher-quality material.

So, if you are looking for recreation through paintball games, you must select any other option of paintballs additional than the ones used in tournaments.

You can contact the manufacturer to guide you better.  


How long will 100 Paintballs last?

For an average paintball player, these 100 paintballs can last from 45-60 mins. For someone who likes to blast through the game of Paintball, these 100 paintballs can last 15-20 mins.

Do Paintballs hurt?

The hit of a paintball is felt like a minor sting or a flick on the arm. It doesn’t hurt that much, but it can cause bruises and welts if blown to an exposed area.

How many Paintballs are enough for one hour?

Depending on a few factors, it is estimated that for a game that is to last for one hour, you should have 200 paintballs.

Takeaways from This Article: 

  • In this article, we have mentioned the top seven paintballs in the market alongside their qualities, so you could make a better decision while choosing between them.
  • For those who just want a peek at the best 7 paintballs, I have made a “Rush Buyers” list so they could save their time. Afterwards, for those who want the specifications, features and all that, I have written detailed reviews of the 7 paintballs
  • Valken Graffiti Paintballs are the paintballs that many of the paintball players use, including myself, and are pleased with its numerous specifications on a very economical budget. That is why we have placed it at the top of our list.
  • Amazon link is provided with each Paintball for your ease.
  • There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while buying the paintballs, whether it is online or from the store. For that reason, I have written a buying guide by mentioning certain aspects and headings that you must be aware of to buy yourself a high-quality paintball.
  • It is essential to keep in mind the Paintball’s cost, durability, and compatibility when choosing the right paintballs for your game.


 When it comes to paintball games, it isn’t easy to opt for the best paintballs. It is one of the most competitive games in the world and can sometimes get rough. As a paintball player, I did my best to guide you so you could buy yourself a paintball of your choice.

If you are looking for my suggestion, I would like to recommend you Valken Graffiti Paintballs because they are of the highest quality and have all the specifications a top paintball should have. 

I think now you can buy yourself decently and quality paintballs to let you help dye those opponents on the battlefield.

May the force be with you! 

Thank you for letting us help you in your paintball journey!! Come again. 

Right below is the comment box. Feel free to leave your opinion. Go wild and break the box!!!

Jonathan is a retired FBI analyst. I now own a ranch and hunt regularly. I also like to write about my experiences occasionally. In scenario training, paintball is one of those things. You may find some interesting information about it!