Best Paintball Masks Reviewed for 2023- Buying Guide

Best Paintball Masks Reviewed

Paintball masks are the best way to get protection and safety during paintballing. These masks come with protection, breathability, reliability, and durability. The maximum optical vision along with a strong mask can be a game-changer for you during your play. 

You can easily wear a paintball mask during the paintball games, and it keeps you protected during the game. 

As the market is full of paintball masks, all claiming to fit best, choosing one according to your requirements is really hard.

Our team of experts has researched the top ten paintball masks in this review article to bring the top insights to you. Before buying a paintball mask, make sure to know the key factors that help choose the best mask.

A buying guide can help you know these factors. At the end of the reviews of top paintball mask, we have written the factors that can lead you to understand how to choose a paintball mask. 

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So let’s start without further delay. 

10 Top Paintball Mask Reveiws

1.Empire EVS Paintball Mask-Best for beginners

Empire EVS Paintball Mask

Empire EVS is one of the most spacious and most refined paintball masks that comes with fog protection. The spherical and dual-pane lens provides distorted-free and clear vision with a 270° field.

Furthermore, the lower skirt is flexible, meaning that it bounces off the mask instead of splashing when the paintball hits it.

It not only provides comfort when you wear it but also protects you from U.V. rays and is entirely scratch-resistant. You can also wear it over the glass and an excellent ventilation system that allows communication easy and perfect.

You can replace its lens easily without using any tools, and there is triple-layer soft foam for the comforts of ears when you wear this mask. The thermal lens not only protects you from dangerous rays but also allows you to see a clear view and at an affordable cost.

Empire EVS is the best paintball mask if you have enough budget and are looking for a mask that provides a clear view and is comfortable to wear.


  • Comfortable And Roomy Interior

The inside foam is triple-layer and is soft, providing maximum comfort while stopping the fog from entering the mask. The interior of this mask is spacious enough and has a ventilation system that allows you to communicate quickly without letting the fog inside the mask.

  • Changeable Lens

A thermal lens that is spherical and dual-pane providing clear vision with a 270° field and can be changed easily. While providing a clear view, it also protects you from U.V. rays and is scratch-resistant. 

  • Flexible And Easy

This mask is simple and spacious enough for any person, and the lens and foams it uses are straightforward to change when they grow old. The lower skirt of this paintball mask makes this mask flexible, and instead of bullets splashing on contact with the mask, they bounce off.

  • Roomy interior.
  • Changeable lens and foams.
  • Flexible.
  • Easy to clean and wear.
  • Durable.
  • The foam may be stiff on first use.

Final words

If you are looking for a fog-proof paintball mask for beginners, this Empire paintball mask is for you. It comes with comfort and ease of use that keeps you playing with the mask.

We found the mask gets a little messy after several uses, and the foam starts to separate from the above lining of the mask.

Moreover, the mask comes with a clear lens, whereas the manufacturer has shown the picture with a black lens. So if you want a black lense, in particular, you need to confirm from the seller or choose another from the list of the paintball masks we have mentioned. 

2.Virtue VIO Paintball Mask

virtue vio Paintball Mask

Virtue VIO is one of the most versatile paintball masks featuring fog resistant thermal lens and a comfortable wearing design. Thermal lens using VIO technology that improves visibility with a clear and wide field of view.

With a streamlined semi-flexible mask, the balls will bounce off the mask, and the mask is reinforced with rigid colors.

It has a 3D foam molded that adds grip, comfort, and protection when you wear it. This mask is fully customizable and can be adjusted in any way you want due to adjusters and foam, and the lens and even straps can be re-changed with ease.

Moreover, this mask is comfortable to wear, and the lens is capable of protecting from U.V. rays and is entirely scratch-resistant. It won’t disappoint you in terms of comfort and protection and is fully customizable so that you can change lens color and straps to various options.

Double lenses are equipped in this pattern that stops fog from coming in as it has a hydrophobic coating. You can see a complete list of detailed features in the list below. 


  • Fog-Free And Breathability

The double lens that is fog-free and lowers skirt foam is molded for grip and comfort and has a sound ventilation system that allows you to breathe and communicate very easily. Hydrophobic coating stops any moisture from entering the mask and creates a fog-free environment.

  • Fully Customizable

Lens, foams, straps, every accessory can be customized or removed with ease and is fully changeable. You don’t need to change the whole mask if the foam or strap becomes old; you just re-change the specific part.

  • Shock-Absorbent And Durable

The materials used in the construction of this mask are shock-absorbent. This mask won’t break if it sometimes falls or from the paintball impacts. The ability to absorb shocks makes it a durable and long-lasting mask.

  • Fully customizable. 
  • 100% U.V. rays protection.
  • Anti-Fog.
  • Scratch-Resistant.
  • Durable.
  • Fixing the removable mount on the side is problematic.

Final words

This mask offers full customization with breathability and comfortability. When we tested this mask, it appeared to be secure and tight without any attachments.

The breathability was quite good even under harsh circumstances, and we could hear the sounds of others. The best part of the mask is, it didn’t fog and gives you 100% visibility. But the strap appeared a little bit tight and not very wide.

Another thing that we dislike about the mask is it does not cover the forehead, so that you might get shot o your forehead. At the same time, many other masks provide complete coverage.

If you can cope with a bare forehead, this mask is excellent in terms of visibility, lightweight, breathability, and comfort. 

3.Dye i5 Paintball Mask

Dye i5 Paintball Mask

Dye i5 is famous for its peripheral vision and 290 degrees broad view, allowing you to see how your surroundings are clear. A thick but comfortable strap and foam that doesn’t allow the mask’s interior to get hot due to the ventilation system while it perfectly fits on your head. The outer material is strong, and the inside is comfy.

The dual-pane thermal lens keeps the fog away and protects you from harmful elements of nature. It is padded with a micro-fiber cloth that protects your ear, and the outer material of the mask is durable and scratch-resistant.

Thermal layers remove the fog and multi-dimensional ventilation system that keeps you cool and sweat-free while you are wearing it. There is no need to adjust the straps with loops as it has a GSR pro strap system and straps, lens; both are changeable and require only 10-20 seconds to change one of them.


  • Rapid Lens Change

The i5 mask has a rapid lens-changing system that allows you to keep a low profile while changing it. Just pinch the retention clips and slide them forward to remove the lens and change it.

  • Multi-Layer Foam And GSR strap

Multi-layer foam with a thermal lens doesn’t allow fog to enter the mask while keeping the mask fresh, comfortable, and sweat-free. With the GSR pro strap system, you won’t have to adjust the strap to fit it properly. It is a locking system that gives precise control of mask movements for a secure and comfortable view.

  • Compression Formed Ears

It has a compression-formed earpiece that allows you to communicate with ease and is soft, flexible, and lightweight.

  • 290 degrees and very high peripheral vision.
  • Multi-layer foam.
  • Anti-fog lens.
  • GSR pro strap.
  • Durable.
  • A bit expensive.

Final words

This mask is one of the best paintball masks in terms of professional users. All professionals and experts rely on and demand it because it fits all face contours without any difficulty.

Upon testing, we realized that the mask offers wonderful visibility and breathability without getting fogged. Because there is no head coverage, so you can’t wear it without having a tactical helmet.

The lens is exceptionally tight and very difficult to change. It would help if you pressed hard to release the notches to clean or replace the lens.

But for an integrated mounting system for POV cameras, these are the most advanced and helpful paintball goggles you can have. 

4.Bunkerkings Cmd Paintball Mask

Bunkerkings Cmd Paintball Mask

Bunkerkings Cmdr mask is known for its unmatch breathability as it has an interior that provides a top-notch ventilation system.

Besides its ventilation system, this paintball mask is straightforward and simple to clean, and requires no hard work. You will barely come across fog issues with the finest Cmd thermal lens.

Foam and lens are durable, well-built and the frame is designed in such a way that it is comfortable and flexible while being the perfect fit.

The interior of the mask is roomy, and the lens provides a clear view, and coverage is alright for most of the players.

It comes with a micro visor that is scratch-resistant and has an ultra-wide mask strap with strong grips allowing you to fit it perfectly with ease. Mouth vents are made in such a way that it allows air to come in and provides distortion-free communication.


  • See And Breath Freely

The thermal lens keeps the fog away from the mask, and massive airflow results in ineffective breathing, allowing you to breathe while seeing everything crystal-clear. Its design allows distortion-free hearing, and mouth vents allow communication easy and hassle-free.

  • Comfortable And Secure Fit

CMD foam is not just changeable but also has a soft fabric on the outer part for comfort and reduces pressure on the face. It also has a wider strap that allows better gripping without the need for double-straps, and soft silicone is used inside of the strap for a perfect fit.

  • Integrated Micro Visor

This mask is equipped with an integrated micro visor that enhances the visibility and durability of the mask. Mirco visor provides scratch protection and reduces moisture and paint leakage while decreasing glare.

  • Clearer vision.
  • Superb Breathability.
  • Better communication.
  • Comfortable.
  • Durable.
  • Not for rainy fields.

Final Words

Bunkerkings Cmd Paintball Mask is the best choice for superior breathability in hot weather. It offers the highest visibility and breathability, and tough looks. We tested the mask and found it the most comfortable mask ever.

The only thing we found was the facing rubber is so soft that you feel small punches when the paintball hits the lens. Some users complain that the ear gaps let the paintball in, and it might injure the ear, so try to put the straps on the ear to cover them.

Furthermore, these small slits can’t stop the water when you wear them during a rainstorm.  Moreover, when you unlock the lens, you feel like the most challenging thing you have ever done. These little things may be challenging to adjust for newbies, but professionals and experienced people can easily handle and go with this mask. 

5.Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask

Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask

The Empire E-flex mask is made to protect you from the surroundings, and the foam used in this mask is hypoallergenic, meaning there is no need to worry if you have any allergies.

A thermal lens is present that stops the fog from entering, and vents are present around the mouth, ears, and nose that enhance breathability and provides distortion-free communication.

It features a quick lens-changing system with thermo-foam earpieces that are comfortable for ears and provide perfect hearing. It offers exceptional breathability with a 270-degree comprehensive view with no hurdle in the optical range.

Anti-fogging technology stops fog and protects you from U.V. rays while ensuring perfect view and comfort while you wear the mask. The design is made so that it allows maximum customization, so you can make changes whatever you like.


  • Maximum Voice Projectile

The Empire paintball mask provides maximum voice projectile and air source as it has vents around the mouth, ears, and nose.

  • Broad View

The lens and design protect you and provides a 270-degree view with no distortion. A dual-pane lens protects you from U.V. rays and stops fog from entering the mask.

  • Comfortable And Customizable

The thermo-foam is present on the earpiece and around the mask to provide a comfortable and perfect fit. Furthermore, most of the mask pieces can be customized, and you can make the mask look the way you want.

  • High protection.
  • Fully customizable.
  • 270-degree wide view.
  • Anti-fogging technology.
  • Durable.
  • You can’t wear any type of glasses under the mask.

Final words

Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask is one of the best paintball masks because of its visibility, reliability, and breathability. You can easily breathe in it without any difficulty because it is well ventilated and offers extreme comfort while using it. The visibility is perfect because of a huge lens and no fogging.

During testing, we found the mask is a little bit on the huge side, so if you are a small-headed person, it may be a big-size mask for you. As the mask is heavier on the scale, so you need to use it with a double stape so that it fits properly on the head.

Moreover, it may pinch your nose during breathing during hard game situations. The best part of the mask is its breathability, 100% clear vision, lightweight, and long-lasting life span. 

6.Dye Precision I4 Thermal 

Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Mask

Dye i4 is capable of providing all-type of protection to the face with the outlying field of vision at a low cost. It is the low version of Dye i5 with only some of its features at an affordable cost but provides the same protection with most of the features as same as Dye i5. Furthermore, this mask allows you to wear eyeglasses inside it.

The thermal lens protects you from U.V. rays, and multidirectional design ensures ease of movement and communication. For during long days of play, it has a venting system offering high airflow and makes breathing easy.

The main problem while playing is that paintball residue may fall into the ears to ensure that it doesn’t happen; Dye i4 features a compression-formed earpiece. The earpiece is extremely lightweight, soft, and flexible.


  • Anti-Fog Thermal Lens 

The most important task while playing paintballs is protecting your eyes from the things that might damage them. Dye i4 thermal lens is capable of protecting you from U.V. rays and paintballs impact while stopping the fog.

  • Horizon Vision

Having the freedom to move your head with the helmet allows you to get the idea of surroundings like you weren’t even wearing a helmet. It provides a tactical advantage as it protects you while giving you freedom of vision.

  • Scream Venting

Dye i4 using patented technology, has a precise blade angle of design that allows high airflow and makes communication easy as it boosts your voice with the help of vents.

  • Tiger Teeth

The mask features tiger teeth locking system to secure the mask according to the size of your head. You can custom fit the rubber straps with the help of tiger teeth buckle. This buckle bites down the strap to secure the mask during rigorous conditions.

  • Multidirectional design.
  • Anti-fog lens.
  • You can wear glasses under them.
  • Wide peripheral view.
  • Durable.
  • Little tight for some users.

Final Words

This paintball mask is best suited for small-headed players because of its small profile, lightweight, and best field vision Goggle system. It comes with a variety of lenses, so you can change the lenses according to your lighting conditions.

It fits all facial contours and is the best choice because of its distortion-free optical clarity. During testing, we observed the mask offers limited throat protection and no visor results in sunburn.

Furthermore, little fogging makes the mask difficult to wear without cleaning. But if you need a super-fitting mask for your small head, it can turn up to be great in terms of fitting, securing, size, and clear vision

7.Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal 

Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Mask

Virtue VIO Ascend features a thermal lens, ventilation system, and foam at an affordable price that is within your budget. You can customize lens, foam, straps from many options and provides sufficient breathability and consistent airflow. Furthermore, you can replace foam, lens, straps whenever you need them in just some seconds.

With the help of vents, it not only enhances breathability but also results in hearing and transmitting the voice clearer. It is made up of rigid materials that provide protection, comfort, and flexibility.

There are 16 lens options to choose from, and most of the VIO visors are compatible with the Ascent mask. Moreover, Virtue Ascend is the best choice for you if you are looking for a mask that protects you and is within the budget.


  • Protection And Visibility

The VIO thermal lens offers a large view while protecting you from harmful elements. With 100% U.V. protection comes distortion-free optical clarity and a large field of view.

  • Breathable And Comfort

The ventilation system ensures that airflow is maximum and allowing you to hear and listen clearly. The foam is made in such a way that it provides comfort to the wearer and doesn’t stress out.

  • Fully Customizable

Virtue VIO lens can be changed to 16 different lenses, and this mask is compatible with most of the VIO accessories, either be strap, foam, or visor. The lens can be removed and changed using an integrated hinge lock in a couple of seconds.

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Multiple customizations.
  • Good airflow and breathability.
  • Made up of rigid materials.
  • Durable.
  • Maybe a little loose for some players.

Final Words

The mask is best suited for high-end performance within your budget. It comes with a single-piece design that is customized for protection, rigidity, and flexibility. As it is famous for its quick-change lens, anti-fog features, and upgradeable strap, we tested and reviewed it by our own experts.

The mask has weak fit features, and it does not secure well. When tightened up to the limit, the fit was a little more secure but not up to the mark.

When you tight it to its limit to get maximum security, it gets a little bit annoying on the ear but is not painful at all. This is perfect for small-headed people, and big heads may feel little tipping. 

8.J.T. Spectra Flex 8 

J.T. Spectra Flex 8 Paintball Mask

The most recommended paintball mask between professional players during tournaments is J.T. Spectra Flex 8 paintball mask. It secures your jaw due to its idealistic design and allows the mask itself to avoid any thermal error while keeping you cool.

Having an interior construction of pro-foam helps provide comfort and full ear protection, plus adjustable plates that help defend your rear area. Furthermore, it has a chin adjustable lock and lens strap, making the mask adjustable to your liking except for the top.

J.T. Spectra Flex 8 paintball masks are light, flexible, reliable, and comfortable masks. It is fully fog-resistant and keeps the airflow at a maximum.


  • Removable visor

Its lens comes with a 260-degree range of vision. It is super easy to clean the lens as it is removable and is super fog-resistant which helps in shooting targets without a hassle, and you don’t feel any disturbance during your actions.

  • Secured head coverage

Its name shows full head coverage and can be adjusted to all face sizes and shapes. Using the patented technology keeps you cool while providing good ventilation of the air. It also deflects all types of attacks and provides maximum bounce and deflection.

  • Convenience

The most likable feature of this J.T. mask is that it comes with adjustable and removable parts, making it easier to clean and use. It weighs only 2.14 pounds, so your actions don’t get limited due to heavy weight.

It is reliable to use as it provides mobility and is one of the best-made googles. The design and its features give your performance a cherry on top.

  • Durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Full-head coverage.
  • Anti-fog.
  • A bit hectic fit for some people.

Final words

This paintball mask is famous for its integrated ventilation system on the jaws, which helps the deflections and bouncing. On testing, it appeared a small profile mask that barely fits big hades, and it does not cover the ears. The real downside of the mask is its tedious removal of the visor.

You need to do hard work and time-taking efforts to actually remove the lens, clean it and fix it again. For small heads, it is a perfect beginner mask that can be put on for medium intervals of time. 

9.G.I. SPORTZ Grill 

G.I. SPORTZ Grill Paintball Mask

If you are looking for wallet-friendly and good-quality paintball goggles, G.I. SPORTZ has your back by its grill goggles. These masks are made up of suitable quality materials and help you fight the elements in the tournament or plays.

These goggles allow maximum comfort and movement due to the latest technology design. It has a foam swap option, plus the foam can be quickly dried without any hassle.

They are incredibly lightweight, and you can move while wearing them and it will protect your head, and you won’t even feel that you are wearing them.

With its sleek design, it can also protect your face, and you can change the lens by keeping a low profile in just a couple of seconds.


  • Light-weight

Weighing only 1 pound, these are easy to ship, light to carry, and comfortable to use. The whole design of these goggles Allows you to use them without any disturbance without causing you any uncomfortableness. It includes a paintball mask as well.

  • Fog resistant lens

A pleasant-looking design comes with an anti thermal system that does not allow fog to build up during the tournaments. The lenses are made to be resistant to scratches and fogs to allow you to have full concentration during your shooting.

Moreover, the lens’s vision is not limited; it is designed as sunglasses-3D lenses, giving you a view of your surroundings.

  • Accurate and comfy

The best quality outline of this mask maximizes the bounce effect, and the design allows you to aim correctly at your target. The center part of the goggles is fitted with soft rubber, which gives you comfort and helps you avoid any serious injury.

Furthermore, the mask is made to help your face fit into lenses, giving you good vision and making it easy to shoot and aim at your target.

  • Lightweight.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Anti-fog.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Sleek design.
  • Not a full-size mask.

Final words

The paintball mask is famous for its high protection under bad circumstances. Even if the paintball is shot on the lense, it neither scratches nor gets damaged.

We found the mask a perfect match in terms of breathability, durability, and ventilation. The only concern was its fitting. During testing, we removed the foam lining then it fitted on the head.

It might be an individual thing because it does not fit all sizes and works great for medium to small head sizes. 

10.V-Force Armor Fieldvision 

V-Force Armor Fieldvision Paintball Mask

VForce Armor Fieldvision Gen 3 paintball Masks are one of the most spacious and most refined that comes with fog protection. This entry-level paintball goggle features low-profile protection and optically correct vision. The paintball mask is a great choice for newbie players and those who are looking for maximum security, protection, and 100% optical clarity. 

The frame design eliminates pressure points for all-day comfort. This paintball mask is excellent for beginners or experts. The mask provides maximum face and head coverage so you don’t get shot on your forehead. Moreover, protecting your jaws, the chin also benefits you in protection.

The quick convertible dual-pane thermal lens executes any trace of fog. It will give you 280-degree peripheral vision with optical clarity, which is crucial for you as a beginner. As if that’s not enough, the lens is scratch-proof and glare-proof, which means it will not distort your vision during the intense paintball battle.


  • Dual-Pane Thermal Lens

With a low profile ergonomic lens, it protects your face from U.V. rays and offers excellent vision without any optical issue.

  • Full-Coverage Mask

V-Force Armor mask is designed to protect your whole face from head to chin. It offers special protection to the ears and nose and has a ventilation system that ensures high airflow for breathing and communication.

  • Lens Changing system

When playing tournaments or long-hour plays, you need to change your lenses while keeping a low profile, and this mask lens can be changed in just a few seconds. Furthermore, the lens is scratch and glare-proof, meaning it won’t distort your field of view.

  • Optically best vision.
  • Low profile lens changing system.
  • Anti-fog.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Durable.
  • It may not fit if you wear glasses under it.

Final words

The paintball mask is best suited for kids for its small profile, lightweight, and well ventilation. The manufacturer has not mentioned it for kids, but on testing, it appeared to be a small-sized mask for kids or youngsters.

Moreover, if you wear it with glasses, it may not provide you 100% visibility. It is not 100 fog-free, so it can be either used for beginner’s level games or small kids only. 

Buying Guide

Playing the fun and thrilling game of paintball fight is something we all enjoy. With good quality gears and guns, it becomes more fun to be a part of it. Apart from the paintball guns and other safety gear, one thing that we all should invest properly into is a good quality mask.

After reviewing top paintball masks, the next step is to bring a quality guideline about the factors that can help you figure out which mask is best for you. 

There are a lot of choices in the category, which makes it more difficult to find a suitable one. Here are the factors to make sure of while looking for a paintball mask.


 A very crucial thing is a good inlet and outlet of air since it can be very uncomfortable for the player to concentrate sometimes. Another thing is that it can fog up your view, causing you to be unable to play nicely.

Look for something that has good ventilation and does not feel claustrophobic on wearing the mask. You probably will be wearing them for a long period of time.


It should fit you properly in all the places. The player should not feel a heavy burden on them when wearing their mask. Find a mask that does not have little pieces hanging out like the low-quality ones that could stab you in fragile areas.

You should buy something that is either your size or adjustable, which takes us on our third most important attribute.


They can be a fashion statement as well. If you are someone who wears glasses, then a mask with adjustability made easy is for you. You can adjust how lose you want it to be with some fun colors added to your straps as well.


They should be doing what they are meant to do. The material used to make them should be hard rough to protect you against the force of a paintball; else, it can result in some serious injuries.

If you have ever been hit by a paintball, you know it can cause pain to you. So you will want to find a mask that can take endure this fast force and protect your delicacies from any injuries.

The mask is there to safeguard your head and eyes from the force so fast. Also, try looking for something with a little bit of cushioning inside.


What is the use of a mask that is good at protecting your delicate head and eyes but hinders your hearing? You do not want to have an opponent coming from back to attack you.

The mask should have a decent space for your ears to sit in and hear what is happening around you. Some masks make it extremely hard to hear the surroundings, while others make it a breeze of a task to do so.

Fog factor

 As we stated earlier, look for something that has good spacing for you to breathe through, else you will end up with a fogged lens and would not be able to see the play area or your fellow players well enough.

Many of the masks have an anti-fog feature that becomes very helpful in such cases.

Frequently asked questions

1.How can I clean a paintball mask?

You can use a simple paintball lens cleaner to clean your mask. Take a simple cloth and water and use a cleaner according to the manufacturer’s guide.

If you don’t use the lens cleaner recommended by the manufacturer, you may get scratches on the lens surface, or the polish may get affected. 

2.How can I prevent my paintball mask from fogging?

You can either use thermal lenses or anti-fog spray to avoid the fog in your mask. If you are tight on your budget, then simply go for anti-fog spray as they are economical and budget-friendly.

But for a high-end solution, thermal lenses are long-lasting and durable as they have two are twofold lenses with air in the gap.

3.Can we wear a paintball mask with glasses?

There are certain paintball masks that are designed for glass wearers and are the best paintball masks for glasses. Simply find those masks which are designed for glass wearers.

You need to be extra careful of anti-fogging for your glasses and the mask. Make sure your glasses don’t fog for accurate visibility. 

4.Can we use a paintball mask for air soft?

Yes, you can use your paintball mask for air soft. All you need to select a well-fitting mask with strong and robust construction.


Having a paintball mask is rather difficult if you don’t know your requirements. We have penned down top paintball masks with all of their pros and cons along with expert’s opinions. Before buying a mask, make sure to know your own requirements. 

A high-quality mask can save your time, energy and give your maximum security and protection. Virtue VIO Paintball Mask is top rated because of the reliability, budget-friendly, and breathability features.

Moreover, it gives superior anti-fogging qualities that can help all types of players, either beginners or professionals.

Jonathan is a retired FBI analyst. I now own a ranch and hunt regularly. I also like to write about my experiences occasionally. In scenario training, paintball is one of those things. You may find some interesting information about it!