Best Paintball Guns Reviewed for 2023 – Buying Guide & Top Pick

Best Paintball Guns Reviewed

Having the best paintball gun is a dream of every enthusiastic paintballer which is a bit difficult to achieve. As the market is full of different paintball guns, all claiming to be perfect, finding one to meet your requirements can become hard. 

Paintball guns are also known as paintball markers and high in demand because of ever-increasing sports activities all around the world. 

These guns come in many different types, sizes, capacities, and budgets so which one is perfect for you is the actual thing to know. After carrying out deep research, our team has tested and carried out different experiments to know which paintball gun can suit your requirements and are top-rated among the users. 

In this review article, we have put together the top ten paintball guns for review, to bring the best knowledge to you. 

You can easily choose any gun according to your level of expertise as either you are a beginner, intermediate or professional paintballer. 

Moreover, a complete buying guide will help you understand the key factors that every paintballer must know before buying a gun. 

Make sure you understand these guns are sports guns but still they can be dangerous if you don’t wear safety gear. 

Top 10 Paintball Guns from Beginner to Professional Level

1.Tippmann Cronus Tactical Gun

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Gun

Tippmann Cronus is famous for strong and sturdy construction with its low price. This paint ball gun is the best for those who are just starting shooting or at an intermediate level. 

The gun is made up of high-quality composite that ensures the durability and reliability of the structure. Furthermore, the vertical grip is not only ergonomic but also has rubber lining to ensure strong grip, comfort, and ease of use. 

You don’t need to worry about the gun’s strength as it is made of high-impact resistant material, so even if it falls down or gets some jerks, it won’t break. 

The mechanical trigger gives you the feel of a real gun, and you learn to shoot like pros. Moreover, the 9-inch barrel length is perfect for balancing and holding the gun, even for newbies. 

No need to say that this budget-friendly gun is a perfect deal for all the shooters who want to have a next-level shooting experience.


  • Most Accurate

                                         Cronus is known for its accuracy and consistency of deliverance. It gives high performance, is reliable, durable, and requires little to no maintenance after each use.

  • Fully Customizable

                                        Due to the rail system, you can attach the accessories to your gun for your convenience. You can transform this gun into a best, and it will work as it does. That’s the advantage of Cronus.

  • Durable Construction

                                It is made up in such a way that it is durable and easy to move around with. Composite construction to ensure it is lightweight as possible; molded-rubber grips and an internal gas line for increased durability, mobility and you can control it just as you like.

  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • High impact material 
  • Durable and reliable
  • Needs little or no maintenance

  • Louder and noisy
  • Short barrel length

Expert’s Opinion

The gun is manufactured for beginners and intermediate players who are just starting out their game. Upon testing, it proved itself as accurate as the manufacturer has advertised. The shooting range was up to its limit and it didn’t exhaust before the shooting limit.

We also noticed that if we fill the CO2 tank up to its limit, it gives a hissing sound which might be due to overfilling. So be conscious about filling the gas and keep it below the limit. The kit was not perfectly suitable and created some problems.

The mask had a good appearance but upon wearing it, it was uncomfortable, creating a little bit of problem during shooting. If you really like the gun, just made a few changes to the kit and upgrade it according to your requirements.

2.TIPPMANN A5 .68 Caliber

TIPPMANN A5 .68 Caliber

TIPPMANN A5 hits the sweet spot of the best paintball guns because of its durability and compatibility with other parts to get modified. 

Tippmann A5 is capable of feeding with a reaction time of 1ms, meaning if you pull the trigger ten times a second, it will fire ten rounds a second. Moreover,  you can increase it, and it will react in the same way. The fire selector is also equipped with this gun to ensure that you can control recoil for long-distance using single-shot mode.

Another great feature of A5 is that you can modify this gun however you like and make it look like your favorite gun. From the grip to barrel, you can modify all, and the A5 threaded barrel is compatible with most of the paintball guns. Furthermore, you can upgrade the grip into an electronic trigger that lets you choose different shooting modes (automatic, single-shot).

This Tippmann A5 is the best choice for both beginners and intermediates as it is a durable, lightweight, cyclone loading system for a smooth experience. Moreover, it has no jams and features a 20 oz CO2 tank. It can easily shoot 15 paintballs in a second, is easy to clean; you can maintain it easily while delivering super-performance.


  • High Performance

With a 20 oz CO2 tank and 140 rounds capacity, this gun can shoot 15 times in one second with high accuracy. It comes with x-ray vision, an anti-fog lens, and a neck protector that increase the shooting experience to the max. 

  • Cyclone Reloading System

The cyclone feed system allows you to shoot faster, meaning the faster you will shoot, the quicker the gun will feed. With this, you can smoothly shoot while avoiding chipping paint, making it the best for scenario plays.

  • Fully Upgradable

Tippmann A5 is the best choice for beginners and intermediates because you can fully modify it. You can equip it with a shock-absorbing end cap for recoil control, front-cocking knob for the enclosed receiver, a 200 round-wide capacity, and an electronic trigger for accurate shooting.

  • Accurate While easy to use and maintain.
  • 1ms reaction time after the trigger is pulled.
  • Fully customizable to the gun of your choice.
  • No leaking of CO2.
  • Durable and maximum firepower.

  • Trigger pins need to be maintained

Final Words

Tippmann A5 is found to be a highly effective and accurate paintball gun and it is considered as AK-47 of the paintball markers.

On testing, we found the gun is one of the best paintballs for beginners as it has a solid body and an upgradeable mechanism that you can upgrade over time. But if you want to play continuously for three to four hours then this unit becomes heavy as it is one pound heavier than Tippmann Cornus.

It can suit only youngsters and starter paintballers but is not worth it for elderly people because of its heavyweight. Apart from its weight, the gun is a perfect match for regular users because it gives the best value for the money.

In the kit, we found that the neck protector is too thin and the mask was not workable with glasses until we made several adjustments. 

3.Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun

Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun

Dye Proto Rail is out for people looking for a high-end shooting paintball gun as every feature it has screams quality. It has so many advantages that you can get at its price as it is extremely lightweight and makes little to no sound while shooting. You can rely on this gun for giving the best performance because of e-triggering, which allows you to shoot precisely.

The dye makes the paintball gear considering as it is used by athletes making them of the best and top-notch quality. The 14-inch barrel is capable of shooting 15 rounds per second, and it will not chop paints. E-triggering means low recoil, quieter gun, high accuracy, and it uses an electric circuit to power the firing mechanism resulting in low usage of air.

For those with a higher budget, there is no gun like this with so many advantages and features. No need to say that this is the best choice for beginners and intermediate-level paintballers who want to improve their skills to become professional paintballers. 


  • Micro Honed 14 in. Barrel

                                          The 14-inch micro-honed barrel can shoot up to 15 rounds per second with low recoil and little to no sound. There is enough space for paintballs to not chop in-between the air and it won’t jam on reload.

  • E-Triggering

                                         Proto Rail Maxxed gun comes equipped with E-triggering, which allows you to shoot precisely and with no sound of shooting. Now you can save a lot of air in several game courses as it uses an electric circuit for firing. You can wear tactical gloves and equip them with sticky grips for controlled shooting and low recoil.

  • Ultralite Airport

                                        With Ultralite curved design and aggressive look, it is made as lightweight as possible and allows air to flow in a much streamlined and comfortable way, resulting in no leakage of air instead of saving a lot of air.

  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Compact design.
  • Low recoil with quiet shooting.
  • 14-inch barrel.

  • Nothing bad is found yet; if maintenance is done regularly, it will give maximum performance.

Final Words

The gun performs up to the mark while testing. When we tested it, it was the best gun we have found till now as it gives maximum range, accurate aim, highest shooting speed, and is easy to maintain. It comes in beautiful funky colors which may not appeal to many professionals on the battlefield.

The only problem we came across was when we used a ninja tank along with this gun. Because the gun has a short pin for its on/off, it is not compatible with ninja tanks that have ball bearings in them.

Using Guerrilla 68/45 or 68/30 tank might give 100 results. So we highly recommend the gun to those people who are not restricted from using Ninja tanks. 

4.TIPPMANN US Army Project Gun

TIPPMANN US Army Project Gun

Tippmann Project Salvo is known for its cool-looking design and shooting accuracy with its durability. It is the coolest-looking gun at this cost for wood balls and indoor games as it shoots well while looking badass.

You can equip this sniper rifle paintball gun with red-dot sight, rear stock, front grip, and by cyclone feed system, you can dominate any type of indoor game with this baby. All these extras may make the gun heavy, and depending upon your preference, you may or may not like it. But it gives the sensational experience of shooting and adds stimulation to the game.

It is more accurate with the longer barrel, and it may not be the best choice for the tight-groupings game, but for one vs. one, it will never disappoint you. If you are looking for a good gun with cool looks with durability and reliability, Project Salvo is the best choice for you.


  • Clear And Best View

                                 With a red-dot reticle and clear lens coating, you can see the long-distance view clear, and using LED, you can see the difference in objects or if they are moving or stationary at a long distance. These LEDs are 100% safe for the eyes and provide a clear view.

  • Stimulated Experience

                                    The cool looks of this gun are equipped with rear stock, front grip, and because of the cyclone feed system, the gun becomes heavy, so while you are using it gives a stimulated and real experience of shooting. Some people may find it troubling, but it is worth a try as it enhances the battle experience.

  • Highly Accurate

                                     A longer barrel makes the gun more accurate and best for use for non-tournament players. With a longer barrel, it may increase accuracy and increase recoil, so it becomes hard for shooting tight-grouping people.

  • Cool Look.
  • Compact Design.
  • Stimulated Experience.
  • Highly accurate.
  • Clear View from the scope.

  • Not best for tight-grouping games.

Final Words

This gun has been rated best for non-tournament players. This means you can’t rely on this gun if you are a professional paintballer as it suits beginners or entry-level players.

The gun weighs heavier than other paintballers especially when you upgrade it to make it useful for professionals, so it leaves the productivity behind as it becomes heavy to carry in the field. Moreover, the red dot which came with our unit was hard to zero, which might not be the case with all guns but we found it like that.

It gives a nice and perfect shooting experience precision and accuracy but the kit is quite questionable. The foregrip behaved lousily and we fixed it before the use. 

5.Empire Paintball Mini GS Gun

Empire Paintball Mini GS Gun

Empire Mini paintball gun is popular for its shooting speed and consistency of the shooting with its cost. It may be the most miniature paintball gun, but it comes with an electronic trigger that shoots as soon as you pull the trigger with accuracy, while its size makes it lightweight and highly easier to control.

With two handle designs, you can feel the gun and shoot like it and pressure gauge so you can instantly see the level of air you have left. Pressure controlled poppet engine allows you to shoot accurately, quickly and gives maximum performance.

This is the best choice for entry-level tournaments and beginners who are looking for close-combat games. You can grip it with ease, and the foregrip is there for increased protection and shooting experience.


  • Integrated Pressure Guage

                                 The pressure gauge is connected with the air connector for a user to see how much air is left so you can refill it.

  • Lightweight And Comfortable

                             Since it has a small size, it is easier to control it and carry it around. While being incredibly lightweight, it is very comfortable, and the two-handle design lets you feel the experience of shooting and provide a comfortable grip.

  • Fastest Shooting Speed

                            Empire Mini paintball gun is known for its shooting speed, and it is the fastest gun in its price range. As soon as you push the trigger, it shoots due to an electrical trigger, and it is accurate despite the high speed.

  • Fastest Gun.
  • Durable And Comfortable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Best for beginners.
  • Easy to grip and control.

  • Needs maintenance as air may leak out.

Final Words

If you have had issues with your zeros in previous guns, this Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker is a perfect match for you. It shoots well and gives you the liberty of playing for long hours without getting tired. Upon testing the only thing we found was an air leakage at the solenoid area.

We fixed the issue after little adjustments. We believe this was an issue with one piece only and we will not blame Empire for this because of its good repute.

It can be a great choice for anyone who has small hands with small skeletal frames, as it is small size gin that fits best for small hands. Anyone with broad hands may find it tiresome to hold it. 

6.Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Gun

Old ETEK5 paintball guns have problems with their gas leaks and weren’t durable guns, but with this planet eclipse, ETEK5 made a brand new gun that is a game-changer. It is a user-friendly shooting gun that allows you to shoot a maximum round in a second and depends upon how many times you pull the trigger.

You don’t have to worry about the gun jamming because of the magnetic trigger pull-back as triggers return to their position after you pull it. It makes little to no sound and is a lot quieter gun while shooting.

Its durability can be seen from a 1-year warranty and is a reliable paintball gun, and with SLR infinite controller, it offers you steady and comfortable control while you shoot.


  • LPR Assembly And SLR Controller

                            By extending the pitch between the foregrip and grip frame, it provides the most stable and comfortable shooting possible. All this is due to the LPR assembly that ensures that there is a pitch holding and SLR infinite controller to control the gap between grips.

  • Trigger Return And Silence Gun

                                   In paintball guns, triggers get jammed, but in this gun, there is a magnetic trigger return that pulls back the trigger to ensure it doesn’t get jammed. A large valve chamber with a high-flow valve makes this gun silent while you shoot.

  • Easier To Control And Mobility

                                      With Contoured Dual-Density Grip, you can control and grip the gun in a more comfortable way and move easily around with it.

  • Durable And Compact Design.
  • Easier to control and shoot.
  • User-friendly.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • No sound while you shoot.

  • Hard to clean.

Final words:

Planet Eclipse has always made great guns and this one is one of those markers you can fully rely on. It gives a great performance with its precision and accuracy.

When we tested the gun, we had everything perfectly done because of its smooth working and fast shooting speed. The only thing that causes inconvenience is it consumes a lot of air and one may find himself standing at the filling station after every game.

The surface finish of the gun is quite blurred and doesn’t give the look of new items. But the performance, accuracy, and shooting speed is perfect for the price.

7.Dye Dam Assault Matrix Paintball Gun

Dye Dam Assault Matrix

Dye Dam Matrix paintball gun is one of the best paintball markers with the ability to perform high in both indoor games and wood balls. It is rated as a high-end tournament gun because of its durability and aesthetics. The biggest benefit of this gun is that either if you are left-handed or right-handed, you can control and reload this gun with ease. By positioning yourself and aiming, you can control and shoot just by the pull of the trigger.

Assault Matrix is a monster that allows you to take headshots with every round you shot if you have a better grip and aim. You can change gun modes from single to burst and to automatic with the click of just one button.

It is surely one of the best paintball guns but is rather expensive. If you are looking for a woodball gun that can shoot precisely and have a budget for it, Dye Dam is the best choice for you. It gives the best performance which the players thrive for on the battlefield to win high-end tournaments.


  • Modular Rail System

                            There are 2 feet of space for a modular rail system that allows you to attach accessories that you like. Any standard accessory like optics, grips, or any other you can attach in due to the modular rail system making it fully customizable.

  • The DAM

                            It comes with DAM that is a magazine-fed-ready and Ambidextrous reloading system that allows left and right-handed guys to reload by keeping the low profile. All magazines are built shaped projectile to deliver every shot like a real firearm.

  • Release Magnetic Bolt

                         On the fly system and OTF system with magnetic bolt release after each fire allows you to control the gun in a more enhanced way. This way, the gun will not be jammed when shooting or after reload.

  • Fully Customizable.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Highly Accurate.
  • OTF system for versatility.
  • Shoots quickly.

  • A bit expensive.

Final words:

The paintball marker is a high-end product and anyone can use it to win the tournament on the battlefield. But this gun is not for everyone who is just starting out paintballing because of certain features. While testing we found the gun performs excellently in terms of accuracy and precision and is easy to use.

During shooting the ball breaks several times in contrary to the reviewers who claim that the gun shoots without a single break. Using high-quality paint gives 100% shooting, but low-quality field paints come across a number of ball breaks during the shooting. But generally, it is not considered a big problem and also varies from person to person.

Moreover, we found the gun to meet the range with the standard paintballs on the flatline. Overall rating is not only high but the gun itself is high in demand. You can also easily maintain the paintballer with fast cleaning and easy handling. But make sure to be a little bit conscious as the feedback has very small screws that may loosen up during the play. 

8.Empire Axe Paintball gun

Empire Axe

During famous paintball tournaments, you might come across Empire Axe. And that is because of its marvelous capability to fire paintballs with speed. It has multiple modes of shooting which will provide the user convenience. One of the newest inventions of Empire paintball, the empire Axe paintball maker, is equipped with the latest system, which will surely make shooting easier and more smooth. By weighing only 3.45 pounds, it is easy to carry for newbie shooters.

E-trigger system, On/Off regulator, and many options are provided in empire Axe, which is why many professional players use this during tournaments. The all-around, error-free paintball maker like this one is perfect if you are looking to spend money generously on your purchase.


  • Speed shooting

                                   This is equipped with a slipstream solenoid which makes the paintball shots fast and accurate. It has an integrated brake beam anti-chop function which gets rid of useless paintballs and fires the paintballs with rapid speed and accuracy. Approximately it can fire 20 balls per second.

  • Low maintenance

                                 ASA with an On/Off regulator makes it easy to remove the tank from it. It saves uptime, and you are ready to shoot in a second! It can be easily maintained as it comes up with such options.

  • Extremely reliable

                            Empire Axe paintball maker gives you various advantages from smooth shooting due to magnet geared trigger to different fire modes like NXL and PSP ramping. Needless to say, it is reliable and an all-rounder. The wielding shape is comfortable to grip, so it does not come in the way of shooting but excels it.

  • High-shooting speed.
  • Durable.
  • Requires little or no maintenance.
  • E-trigger system.
  • Less noise.

  • A little bit expensive.

Final Words

This paintball marker has been recommended by many professionals and reviewers. So we tested and reviewed it. It came out to be a wonderful gun with minimum recoil and excellent shooting skills.

We liked its easy maintenance with lightweight features, that make the gun easy to carry along for long play hours. We found some sharp edges at the front grip so not using gloves may cause blood blisters on the hands. It might be the case with a single unit so be fearless for your purchase.

If you add a force-feed hopper with the gun, you can double up your enjoyment of using this gun. Moreover, the tiny screws may get lost so make sure you keep an eye on them every time you start and end your game. 

9.Tippmann TMC MAGFED gun


The TMC MAGFED is famous for its delivery of shots and ability to be fully customized as well as durable. You can add grips and optics on both the front and back of this gun, and it already has a rubber grip for support while shooting. It requires no maintenance. All you need to do is clean it before going into battle and lubricate it for a smooth experience.

It has a unique and ergonomic design allowing you to control and feel the experience of a real gun at an affordable cost. By being extremely lightweight instead of its shape controlling and shooting is easy even for beginners.

This gun can be fully accessorized depending upon your game you can attach accessories to it. If you are looking for a tactical paintball marker, then this one is worth trying and you won’t be disappointed.


  • Comfortable Grip

                              You can now control and shoot in a comfortable way using a rubber grip that is there to support you. Furthermore, you can add supporting accessories for more comfortable shooting.

  • Fully Customizable Semi-Automatic

                              It is made in such a way that you can attach accessories of different kinds to this gun for enhancing the shooting experience. It can shoot from adjustable 250-325 FPS and includes 20 rounds of spring magazine.

  • Durable Material Construction

                             Made up of durable material and constructed in such a way that it stays with you for a long time. While being durable, it provides the functionality of the best paintball gun.

  • Adjustable Shooting.
  • Durable And Lightweight.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Unique and Ergonomic design.

  • CO2 leaks if not cleaned after each use.

Final words:

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker goes far beyond any high-end paintballers in terms of efficiency, accuracy, stability, reliability, and durability. Yes, we mean it because upon testing we didn’t find any loopholes or any technical faults appearing while working.

The gun is not only lightweight but also has 98 threads on the barrel offering alot of upgrade options to the users. It can be rated as AK-47 of the paintballers.

The only flaw we see is the non-upgradability of the gun. The manufacturers have not launched anything to upgrade this gun for long-range rounds and you have to compromise on whatever it offers. 

10.Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite paintball marker

Tippmann US Army Alpha

This is an upgraded version of the old alpha elite gun. Now, this upgraded version has an aluminum body that ensures durability, 11”98 custom threaded barrel, response trigger, and cyclone feed systems which reduce the chances of the gun getting jammed. It is designed for professional players and is used in many tournaments of paintball shooting. 

Having six adjustable positions, hinged feed elbow, E Grip, and other attached material, which helps in shooting, makes this gun one of the most reliable ones.

With a 7/8” tactical rail on the receiver, a removable M4-style carry handle with the rear sight, and interior tool storage, this paintball marker gun enables you to shoot your shot with great accuracy. It is designed in a way that makes it look like a real gun, so it’s used by many shooters who prefer taking games seriously. 


  • Durable

                     Unlike other paintball shooting guns, the army alpha elite comes with an aluminum cast body and stainless steel braided airline. Making it durable for every weather and situation. It has a removable shoulder rest set which will help you carry your markers and materials.

  • Folding foregrip

                           It is equipped with a CO2 tank for your markers, plus it weighs 10.9 pounds which is quite heavy if you have thin arms, so a folding foregrip is present, which helps in carrying it around easily. 

  • Well-rounded

                           Army Alpha elite comes with a helmet, mask, air tank (CO2), reloader belt, and the reloader as well. This all-rounded paintball maker makes sure that you are equipped with everything you need to be in action.

  • Durable.
  • Foldable grips.
  • High rounds.
  • Equipped with everything necessary.
  • Looks real.

  • Bit costly.

Final words

We decided to review the gun because people have given it a top rating as the name shows it is US military-type guns. The first thing we noticed was everything was streamlined and intact as described by the manufacturer.

The harness was too long but it didn’t appear to be problematic during the gun’s performance. A few adjustment issues were fixable just by tightening the screws. The gun is more towards the beginner’s end but professionals also like its fast action speed and a sturdy body. 

Your Buying Guide for Paintball Gun

How to Buy a Paintball Gun?

After having read a detailed review of paintball guns, finally, you decide to buy one. But still here is a question that spins in your head. How would I know which paintball gun is best for me? Or How should I buy a paintball gun and what to know before buying it?

Yes, to answer these questions we have put together all the basic points and factors that you must know before choosing a paintball gun. 

How often you Want to Play?

If you just play the paintball gun occasionally, then there is no need to buy a high-end product. You can choose low-end equipment ranging from $70 and it can go along you for many years. But if you want to participate in your high school paintball gun competition, or you want to practice it daily then buying a high-quality gun with an expensive price tag will be worth buying. 


Budget is the second most important factor while buying a paintball gun for you. And it is also related to the first factor we discussed above. If you are going to play frequently, twice a week or instant, buying a cheaper gun will not be effective in the longer run. Neither it lets you enjoy your game, nor it offers durability and reliability. For example, I used Brass Eagle Striker because it is extremely affordable, but I was not able to get high speed, accuracy, and consistency. So I bought another high-end gun that met my needs. 

Yes, the budget is always under your control but when you buy cheap guns, you automatically decrease the available options. 

So for a regular player or the person who wants to become a professional shooter, an inexpensive gun is just a wastage of time. But if anyone just wants to play once a year, low-priced guns are great options.


Paintball guns are not unbreakable and any jerks or impact may break the guns. Before buying a gun make sure that what is the maintenance cost of that gun if some of the parts break. What amount you will be spending on fixing those parts. If you spend $ 20 to fix breakage on a $40 gun, then you are going to waste a huge amount on maintenance. Moreover, not all guns come with easy availability of spare parts. So try to buy those guns that ensure that you can buy their spare parts from all the manufacturers in the market. 

Electric or mechanical paintball gun

Electric guns are battery-based guns and they don’t need any charging and electricity to get started. Electronic markers are fast and speedy but may get unreliable if any of the circuit boards get damaged. On the other hand, mechanical guns are a little bit slower but they offer reliability to the user. Furthermore, the electric guns are either electro-mechanic or electro-pneumatic. The electric markers are expensive and require high maintenance as compared to mechanical markers. 

Type of game you want to play

The choice of a paintball gun also depends upon the type of game you want to play. For scenario types games or wood balls, a rifle-type gun is preferred that comes with a long barrel and can be attached to a stock. Woodball games need a large gun that is comfortable and easy to handle along with durability. On the other hand, speedball games must be played with small, compact size guns. For all the players who want to play both games, a small gun is preferred that can be attached to a stock when required. 

Other equipment

Once you have chosen a gun for you, think of the other equipment you require for satisfactory results. Other equipment may include an air tank, or air filter or a mask, or other accessories. If you buy a low-priced gun, you might be spending more on other equipment but many other good and expensive guns come with these items included. 

Considering all this before buying a gun can give you a better idea of the type of gun and the setup you will end up having. 

New or used paintball guns

There are many people who buy used paintball guns. They don’t have very clear purposes of buying the guns and may use only once a year or one time in their whole life. Used guns are also an opting for any paintballer but they compromise on fittings, aesthetics, and the accuracy of the results. Anyone who wants to improve and excel in paintballing must buy brand new gins for exceptional results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Paintball Gun used for?

Paintball guns are real-looking guns that are used for fun and sports activities. Moreover, these guns are best to practice shooting during games. 

Does a Paintball Gun hurt?

There are different conditions in which a paintball gun can hurt. If you carry a heavy-weight gun for long hours, you may feel fatigued. If the ball is shot at you, you may get injured depending upon the speed and the distance of shooting. 

How long does a Paintball Gun last?

Paintball guns are breakable and they get damaged if you don’t take care of them properly.  However, paintballs can last for 10-15 years easily and they need upgradation only according to the upcoming models. 


Paintballing is one of the most fun and recreational games for all the people who love shooting games and want to excel in this field. If you are an enthusiastic paintballer or planning to start your paintballing experience, make sure you choose the right paintball gun.

In this review article, we have discussed the top ten paintball guns that are used among people around the world. We have discussed all the features, pros, and cons and our unbiased testing experience about these guns. Make sure to do your own complete research and choose a gun that fulfills your needs and meets your requirement. The buying guide explains all the important factors that govern the performance of a gun. 

Don’t forget to wear your security gears and take expert’s guidelines when you just start out your paintballing journey. 

Happy shopping.

Jonathan is a retired FBI analyst. I now own a ranch and hunt regularly. I also like to write about my experiences occasionally. In scenario training, paintball is one of those things. You may find some interesting information about it!